About Us

The Firm

JM Blattner, LLC, Attorneys at Law, is a premier full service law firm, designed to provide leading edge services for today’s developing legal landscape. Because of the increasing complexity of modern legal systems, today’s attorneys are generally not capable of competently handling all areas of the law with the same expertise as those attorneys who concentrate and focus their practice. JM Blattner provides the conveniences of a general practice with the skill and proficiency of a boutique firm. Our clients are assigned an attorney who is best qualified to handle their particular legal issues.

Our Case-Specific Process

Before we assign you an attorney, we review the facts of your case to identify all the potential legal issues. Next, we categorize those legal issues into their appropriate legal classifications. Then, we assign you an attorney who concentrates in the areas of law most applicable to your case. If we do not have an attorney in our firm who is capable of handling your case, we will find one for you. Look no further than JM Blattner when deciding on an attorney to address your legal needs.

Our Personalized Service

The services we provide are tailored to address each of our client’s unique set of circumstances. Our attorneys pour over every detail of your case with the greatest attention to detail, devise optimal strategies, and zealously advocate and negotiate the best possible outcomes and results. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, which is why the assigned attorney you meet for your consultation is the same attorney who works with you through the duration of the case.

Our Attorneys

All our attorneys go through a rigorous screening process before being accepted to the team. They choose the areas of law they practice, the geographic location of their practice, the clients they accept, and make independent judgments on cases they handle. Our attorney’s compensation is based solely on the amount of work completed and directly related to the quality of service and reputation. The firm structure fosters a uniquely entrepreneurial environment that allows our attorneys the autonomy to pursue their passions and ensures that all of our clients receive the very best legal services.

Our Client-Centered Approach

We understand that our clients may be experiencing stress and anxiety related to their legal matters. Our firm employs a client-centered approach to resolving legal issues and disputes. Our attorneys will educate you about the relevant law in your case, explain to you how the law applies to your particular set of facts, outline your legal options, advise you of potential outcomes, answer your questions, address your concerns, and walk you through the legal process step by step.

Our Consultations

Consultations are an opportunity for us to get to know you and the circumstances that have brought you to our office. We will evaluate your case and determine whether we can serve you. The consultation is also an opportunity for you to get to know us, ask questions about our firm and decide whether you want to retain our services. We will also discuss with you our fee structure and cost of legal services. We look forward to meeting you.

Testimonials and Reviews

  • Julius helped prepare me for my traffic court hearing. He was very responsive to my questions before the hearing and followed up with me soon after. Thanks to Julius I have no points on my license.

    John Doe, Company Name

  • Without showing any doubt in his eyes nor worry wrinkles in his forehead, Mr. Blattner took an upside down situation and turn it right side up. I thank him for getting out of 3 charges to the minimum of just one. He is the way to go. 5 Stars.

    Arlen, Company Name

  • Available and affordable for any type of cases.

    Talks about pros and cons about your case.

    Feel secure in the knowledge and honesty.

    Thorough and responsive – detail orientated and will responsive to your needs.

    Updates on your case and direct point of contact.

    Extensive experience in the area of law.

    Receive personalized and prompt attention.

    Fairly large amount of time to dedicate to your case.

    Sergio, Company Name