JM Blattner is dedicated to recruiting the very best attorneys to join our team of professionals. Our growing practice is looking to provide opportunities for talented young attorneys and seasoned practitioners. Regardless of your experience or background, we invite you to consider joining our firm.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Do you enjoy being your own boss? Do you possess the work ethic, commitment and dedication to make it on your own? Have you thought about starting your own business or law practice? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a position at JM Blattner may be the right fit for you.

Your Opportunity

An attorney position at the firm is much more of an opportunity than it is a job. The positions at the firm are more suited for attorneys who can handle the autonomy and independence of being a solo practitioner, while enjoying the benefits of being part of a team.

Our Advantage

Anyone who has started a solo practice knows the considerable time commitment and financial strain involved in the administrative aspects of running a firm. Solo practitioners have to concern themselves with paying the bills and do not make any money until the firm makes a profit.

The advantage of working at JM Blattner is that attorneys do not have to concern themselves with the day-to-day managing of the firm or the finances. Thus, attorneys have more time to devote to the practice of law and to their clients. Our attorneys have the freedom to practice like solo practitioners, yet with the comfort of knowing they will receive a paycheck for their billable hours and without the hassle of managing a business. Our firm structure benefits both the attorneys and the clients.

Back Office Support

Our firm provides all the support necessary for attorneys joining the firm to get started. We provide professional liability insurance, the use of conference rooms, an office address, a legal assistant, billing services, firm management software, legal forms, a phone line, online legal research access, e-mail address, business cards, copy and fax machines, access to the firm’s shared drive and so much more. Additionally, we provide you with guidance on marketing and growing your practice.

Who We Are Seeking

We need attorneys who will be available to meet with potential clients, respond to inquiries in a timely manner, retain and represent clients, and provide the highest quality of legal services. We are looking for attorneys who are willing to attend CLE courses to improve and sharpen their skills. We need attorneys who are willing to become actively involved in various bar associations, deliver presentations, publish articles and build credibility in the community. We are looking for attorneys who will provide client-centered representation and build a reputation as such.

The attorneys we want to hire expect and are prepared to handle the short-term financial hardships that may occur when starting. The attorneys we want to hire at our firm are not interested in looking for a job, but are interested in looking for opportunities and new clients. We need attorneys who are going to commit the time and effort necessary to make the most of the opportunity to become successful. Ultimately, we want attorneys who are passionate about their practice and committed to their clients.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in an attorney position at our firm, please send us a cover letter and resume to [email protected] Please include the areas of law you intend to practice and where geographically you want to practice.