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Great lawyer, great team

I had a pleasant experience, my lawyers were real pro at expalining and communicating info with me buy also during my case defense. Plus we won!
I would definitely recommend or use their services without any hesitation.

- (5 star review)

Divorce what you need to know.

The initial interview was very impressive detailed information was provided immediately. I also found that the availability to have personal conversations was exceptional. For most men there’s no rule book for us to go to to obtain information however your team provided exceptional support. With your help it allowed me to have a very peaceful divorce and remain friends with my ex-wife.

- (5 star review)

He was there for me when I need him

Before hiring Mr. Blattner, I was lost and did not know what to do, but the way he handled my case is like I felt the burden was taken off my back. After the case was over, Mr. Blattner continued to help me until everything was resolved. Mr. Blattner was there for me. He was fighting for me until the end. I feel so grateful. He was very responsive, caring and knew what he was doing the entire time. He is one of the best attorneys I have ever dealt with.

- (5 star review)

Amazing, An angel in a suit. Very professinal and effective

I highly recommend this professional lawyer. I am married (separated) father of 1 child and more than a year ago. My wife of over 6 years decided one day while I was at work, working hard to support her and our at the time newly 2yr old daughter. To pack her and our child belongings and disappeared. This was very devastating to me, The loss of my child, Not knowing if my daughter was safe or getting the proper love, care and attention she needed and deserves. I begged and pleaded with the mother through telephone to allow me to see my child but she refused and I remember at times laughed at my attempts to see my child. She even once gave me a false hope to see my child and have me drive over 600 miles to south Carolina in hopes of reuniting with my daughter to only tell me once I arrived that she was not really in the state and that I should go home. In the mean time while all of this was going on, I did everything I could to locate my wife and daughter. I spent many sleepless nights on the internet trying to trace her down, a few nights on the phone with the police asking for help but to no avail. I even filed papers in court to have her served a court summons but I did not know her current location only her previous location and that was my current location. I struggled many holidays , Christmas, Thanksgiving , my birth day and so on, Taken from me and my daughter together. I struggled for a long time to finally receive some form of justice. I did everything I could on my own but When Mr. Blattner took on my case, A short time after, He was able to win a child custody in my favor in court. He made sure all the proper paperwork was filed in court to handle a person purposely trying to evade the court and represented me at my hearing. I honestly don’t think I would of made it this far without his help. I am happy with the court ruling and I can finally continue being a great father to my child without worrying if my child mother will disappear again with our daughter without telling me our daughter’s whereabouts.

- (5 star review)

Divorce/Child Custody

Mr. Blattner helped me get my divorce, & physical & sole custody of my child. He was super professional and kept me updated and always gave me full explanation of everything pertaining to my case. The divorce process was super smooth and fast with no problems or issues at all. I 100% recommend him as a lawyer! I am fully satisfied with his services.

- (5 star review)

Surgeon extremely thankful

I am a 32 year old surgical resident who recently had to move states because of I received an fellowship position in Plastic & Reconstructive surgery (3 years additional training). One week prior to moving my wife, son’s stepmother, had an affair and I filed for divorce. My son’s mother who has had minimal interaction with him over the past 5 years (currently 11) seized the opportunity to try and take him from me. I was in a desperate situation as my son was scheduled to start a Magnet Middle School in my new state in less then a week prior to the sequence of events occurring. I hired Mr. Blattner to represent me. His quick actions, devoted care to my case, and vast found of knowledge helped me get an emergency court hearing in 1 week time. It was nothing short of a miricale. Although the custody battle is still on going, his work has saved my sons education and my piece of mind. I undoubtedly made the best choice in having Mr. Blattner represent me in this difficult time and I give him the highest recommendation without any reserve. I trust that through his hard work, dedication to his patients, and proactive style we will be successful in the end.

- (5 star review)


Julius Blattner was the lawyer that handled my divorce case. He did a good job and I am happy he was my lawyer.

- (5 star review)

The lawyer that will take the extra step to help and educate his clients.

My lawyer Julius M. Blattner , help me will my divorce case by educate me on what to expect from the divorce court system. And also Mr. Julius M. Blattner, help me to put together my financial statement. I have just recently won the divorce alimony case that was denied by the Circuit Court .Thank you so much Mr.Julius M. Blattner , for coaching me on my divorce case. I give you two thumbs up. Keep up the Excellent work.

- (5 star review)

5 Star Representation!

I was trying to handle this legal matter on my own and I almost made the matter more complex and complicated. Thank goodness I found Julius Blattner! He answered the phone on my initial call and he explained the process for my matter in that call. He gave me so much valuable information and explained my choices. Whenever I called, he answered or when I sent an email message, Julius answered promptly. We had a successful outcome and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks you Julius!

- (5 star review)

Above and Beyond

Mr. Blattner went above and beyond any thing i would have expected i am so thankful for his service he made me feel confident in our case and assured me that what was fair for my son and I mr blattner did not feel like a lawyer but a friend and showed with his actions that he truly cared and did all that was possible for my son and I. I would recommend his service to any one in a tough time as i was in.

- (5 star review)

Competent and compassionate

Julius was extremely patient and kind. He explained matters from a legal standpoint while considering my feelings. He was also very professional and dignified. Julius made the entire legal process a lot less stressful and manageable. I am extremely grateful for his support and direction during my case.

- (5 star review)

Fast thinking & knowledgeable

Julius took on our complex case for a reasonable fee, helped us understand the reality of the charges against us, and prepared us well to manage a realistic defense. On the day of trial, multilple things we had prepared for changed from our prepared plan which would have overwhelmed my wife and I had we been on our own. Focused and level headed, Julius navigated the situation on the spot to secure an even better resolution than we had expected while we were still speechless. He even helped us to file Court House paperwork after the fact, which was more than we had agreed to originally. I would freely recommend Julius to anyone I know.

- (5 star review)

Small business help

I contacted Mr. Blattner as I was in the planning stages of starting a small business. He was eager to find out about my goals and my vision of what the business could be one day. He has excellent communication skills and was available to discuss my questions right away. I felt like his fees were reasonable for the time we spent together.

- (5 star review)


He’s a great lawyer definitely knows his craft and how to handle different cases. He is affordable,reliable, and you can depend on him to do everything he has to do to get your case solved.

- (5 star review)

Great Job!

Julius was a very responsive lawyer. He let me know everything about my case and what to do with it. I highly recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer to work with

Julius helped me a lot with my case. He went above and beyond his duty to help me reach the best possible outcome in the case. I hired him to be my lawyer with less than a month until trial. With the lack of time that I left him to prep for the case he still managed to get my case together to help in my defense. The outcome of my case was better than I had expected.
Julius was very knowledgeable and explained all the legal terminology to me in a way that made it very easy for me to understand. He periodically checked in with me to inform me of how the case was going. I didn’t feel left out of anything. Even after the trial, he immediately got on his phone to see if he could try to make the outcome of my trial even better, that is more than I could of asked for. He could have easily shook my hand and walked away, but he was looking out for my best interest. The professionalism and intelligence that Julius showed was phenomenal. I would recommend Julius to all of my friends and family if they are ever looking for a Lawyer.
Thanks for everything Julius and I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

- (5 star review)

overall outstanding

The experience that I was face with was very dramatic. But Mr Julius M Blattner was outstanding through it all he done a remarkable job.he fought hard for me I would recommend this lawyer to another person and also thank Miss Washington for her hard work at the end of these four months they became like family. Thank you again Miss Carr

- (5 star review)

Thanks Julius!

A family member filed a Protection From Abuse against me. Julius was able to get the judge to dismiss the case. He was a very caring and sincere attorney. I highly recommend Him.

- (5 star review)


When I knew I needed the help of a lawyer, I came right to avvo to help me select the best representation for my case. I had a consultation with four different lawyers in the area, and the minute I got off the phone with Julius, I knew he was the BEST choice for me. Mr. Blattner handled my serious traffic violation. I was facing fines, loss of my license, and even possible jail time. From the beginning, Julius made me feel very comfortable and was very genuine. He kept me informed along the way and took a lot of stress and worry off of my shoulders. He was very quick to respond to all of my emails or phone calls, and his office staff was great as well. Thanks to Mr. Blattner’s hard work, and dedication to my matter, he was able to get my case dismissed. I am greatful that I hired Mr. Blattner, and would without hesitation refeer him to anyone in need of Lawyer in the area.

- (5 star review)

Highly recommend, would re-hire if ever needed

I am a Towson University student who was being charged with two different CDS charges. Mr. Blattner was able to get both charges dropped, and I now have a clean record! He was not only helpful, but he had the most pleasant attitude and staff, which made the entire experience less stressful for me. He was also very understanding of my financial situation, which as a student, I always am appreciative of. All in all it was a great experience, given the poor situation.

- (5 star review)

very knowledgeable and trustworthy

Available and affordable for any type of cases.

Talks about pros and cons about your case.

Feel secure in the knowledge and honesty.

Thorough and responsive – detail orientated and will responsive to your needs.

Updates on your case and direct point of contact.

Extensive experience in the area of law.

Receive personalized and prompt attention.

Fairly large amount of time to dedicate to your case.

- (5 star review)

Makes it happen with a Poker Face

Without showing any doubt in his eyes nor worry wrinkles in his forehead, Mr. Blattner took an upside down situation and turn it right side up. I thank him for getting out of 3 charges to the minium of just one. He is the way to go. 5 Stars.

- (5 star review)

Thanks, Julius!

Julius helped prepare me for my traffic court hearing. He was very responsive to my questions before the hearing and followed up with me soon after. Thanks to Julius I have no points on my license.

- (5 star review)