Complex Marital Assets

Complex Marital Assets

Any divorce can have complications and challenging disputes, but when complex assets are involved, it can make the resolution of those disputes much more difficult.

We are highly attuned to the complexity of many marital estates, and prepared to thoroughly prepare plans for dividing and apportioning those estates. At JM Blattner, Attorneys at Law, we do not make the mistake of thinking we can do everything ourselves; we have positive working relationships with experts in fields like business appraisal and forensic accounting.

At JM Blattner, LLC we handle every aspect of complex property division and high-asset divorce:

• Marital property versus separate property
• Ownership stake in a business
• Stock options and other deferred compensation
• Complicated retirement plans
• Golden parachutes (severance packages)
• Marital debts
• Intellectual property rights
• Professional practice
• High-value homes
• Second homes or property outside of Maryland
• Offshore accounts or hidden assets
• Validity of prenuptial agreements

Our firm handles divorces involving executives, business owners, and other high-net-worth individuals where the division of complex marital assets is essential. In these cases, we routinely work with appraisers, certified public accountants, and other financial specialists to address the many issues that could arise, including:

• Identifying and evaluating assets and property, including investment accounts, deferred compensation, and other sources of income
• Locating hidden assets that are subject to equitable division
• Reviewing any prenuptial agreement that has been reached and either upholding or contesting its validity
• Tracing assets that have not been listed on tax returns or financial statements
• Resolving tax issues that could impact the equitable division of assets

When dealing with these facets of divorce and property division, the experience of our attorneys is invaluable and can assist you in keeping stress and costs low during the process. At JM Blattner, we understand that achieving a fair and reasonable settlement is always preferable to litigation. If necessary, however, our litigators can and will handle your matters in court and protect your interests.

At JM Blattner, we understand how important your property is to you, and how hard you’ve worked to obtain your assets. If you have a complex marital estate, our attorneys will be both systematic and careful to ensure that your property is characterized correctly. If any assets have been transferred, concealed, or depleted by your soon-to-be ex-spouse, we will help you find them and bring these issues to the court’s attention.