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Limited Divorce

In Maryland a limited divorce, known also as a divorce mensa et thoro, is based on a mutual or voluntary separation, desertion, cruelty, or excessive vicious conduct directed towards the party or a minor child. A limited divorce can allow you to resolve certain issues before obtaining an absolute divorce. During your limited divorce, and before an absolute divorce, the parties are still married!

When a limited divorce is granted the court may be able to address child support, spousal support, custody and visitation, and possession and use of the family home. These are all important issues in any divorce case. Important because while the case is pending, people need to pay bills, to know where their children are, and to know the status of their property.

For this reason, prior to obtaining a limited divorce, or even an absolute divorce, you can ask a court to issue an order “Pendente Lite,” or a temporary initial order which addresses these issues. The procedures for obtaining a temporary, Pendente Lite order varies from place to place, so you should consult with us before proceeding to ensure that your rights are protected.

We can also assist with drafting marital settlement agreements to assist in outlining the terms and conditions of the divorce. A marital settlement agreement can reduce the cost of a divorce proceeding substantially.

Absolute Divorce

When obtaining an absolute divorce in Maryland, all the legal issues covered by a limited divorce are in play, but the additional issues regarding monetary awards and the division of the parties’ property are involved. Despite what many people believe, property which you consider strictly “yours” may not be so in a divorce. The law may allow the courts to divide assets “however titled,” and may take into consideration assets obtained prior to the marriage when calculating alimony or a monetary award. Following a divorce, a spouse with substantially more assets, education, and a higher standard of living may be liable to support the other spouse for some time into the future.

Courts look to a number of statutory factors to determine how both spouses’ debts and assets should be divided. The division of property in a divorce can affect your mortgage liabilities, your retirement account, even personal items such as a car. To achieve the division of property a court can order assets to be sold or order you to pay a lump sum amount to the other spouse. In a divorce preceding it is important to conduct extensive discovery to determine how each of those factors apply to your particular circumstances. Discovery is a process which will help you develop your case by requesting documentation, answers to written questions, and even attendance at a deposition. Our attorneys can be very useful in helping you with these procedures. We are ready to fight to protect your rights.

We also provide legal assistance and representation in the following related areas! Please give us a call to see how we can help at (410) 415-1400.

Child Custody & Visitation Child Support Complex Marital Assets Alimony Domestic Violence