Family Law Legal Services

Legal Representation

Client retains attorney to fully represent client in a case. Our legal representation is suitable for both simple and complex family law matters. Our attorneys handle every aspect of the case from start to finish.

Legal Assistance

Client retains attorney to provide legal assistance. Legal assistance services are suitable for individuals who wish to represent themselves in a family law matter. Our legal assistance services include:

• help determining which family law forms are most appropriate;
• help with the completion of the forms;
• information on how to navigate the system; and
• general legal information or limited legal advice in family law disputes involving divorce, custody, visitation and child support.

The legal assistance service is designed to assist individuals who want to represent themselves in SIMPLE family matters only. Individuals with contested or complex cases should retain their own attorneys. Our legal assistance services DOES NOT include representing individuals, going to court, assistance with trying cases, making phone calls, writing letters or otherwise communicating with opposing parties, attorneys or judges.

Legal Advice

Client retains attorney to provide answers to questions in the form of consultation time or a written legal opinion. Our legal advice services are suitable for individuals who are seeking answers to legal questions that are specific to their circumstances and case.

Legal Consultation

The purpose of the legal consultation is for the attorney to advise the prospective client what if anything may be done and the associated costs. The purpose is NOT to render a definitive legal opinion or provide legal advice.