Name Change

Name Change

There are many reasons a person may want to change his or her legal name or that of his or her child: adoption, marriage, divorce, death of spouse, among the most common. Whatever your reasons for needing a legal name change, the attorneys of JM Blattner, LLC can help. Whether the name change is for you or your child our experienced team of attorneys can successfully assist you through every step in the petition process.

In Maryland, requesting a name change requires a legal process that is more involved than simply speaking with the Department of Social Security. A person must petition for the change, follow specific steps, and appear at a hearing. Our experienced attorneys can help you assemble your name change case, draft a strong petition, and help you accomplish your goals with the least amount of time spent on your part.

Since the legal name change process in Maryland is more than just a one-step procedure, it can involve much time and worry to legally change you or your minor child’s name. Our team of dedicated lawyers can simplify the process for you and your loved ones.

In Maryland, a person can change their name socially for any reason he or she desires. However, to change your name legally you must have what the court considers a reasonable cause. Some of these reasonable causes for a name change include:

• Adoption
• Divorce
• Death of Spouse
• Marital Separation
• Marriage
• Sex change
• Social stigma attached to name

A person may not change his or her name to avoid obligations or debts, avoid legal judgments or actions, or defraud another person. If you are concerned that your cause for pursuing this process is not as strong as it could be, consulting with one of our qualified attorneys can help you determine the best path to pursue.

The process for having you or your child’s name legally altered in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Charles County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, or Montgomery County, doesn’t have to be extensive and time-consuming for you. Hiring one of our knowledgeable attorneys could reduce the time you need to spend pursuing this on your own.