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Marital Property Dispute

Maryland Marital Property Dispute Attorneys

Marital Property Disputes: Who Gets What?

Any divorce can have challenging disputes over marital property, but those couples with complex marital assets often experience more difficulty in reaching a resolution. Determining the division of property an equitable distribution is complex and technical with complex marital assets, such as investment portfolios, executive compensation packages, multiple real properties and family-owned business assets.

The attorneys at JM Blattner, LLC have extensive experience representing clients with complex marital estates and clients of high net worth. They strive for resolutions that protect their clients’ immediate and long-term interests. The attorneys at JM Blattner, LLC have successfully handled the business valuation of corporations and family-owned businesses, assessment of personal goodwill in business valuation, employee stock shares, active and passive appreciation of assets, investment portfolios, pensions and assets subject to the terms of a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement.

A Professional Approach in Marital Property Disputes

The attorneys at JMBlattner, LLC don’t work alone when handling complex property marital disputes. Often, they engage the assistance of other professionals, such as certified public accountants, tax experts, business evaluators and investment analysts. This way, an accurate assessment of the total value of marital property can be determined. When needed, they work with forensic accountants and economists to discover hidden assets.

Resolution of simple and complex marital property disputes can be achieved through a collaborative process or through a lawsuit. In the collaborative process, all parties including attorneys work cooperatively to reach an agreed resolution. The attorneys at JM Blattner, LLC work closely with clients in negotiating complex property division agreements along with divorce litigation. If an agreed resolution cannot be achieved, the attorneys at JM Blatter, LLC are meticulously prepared to battle it out in court and have a track record of success. All around, the attorneys at JM Blattner, LLC have the skills and resources required to be successful in a complex marital property dispute or a high net worth divorce.

If you’re facing a divorce and have a complex estate, turn to JM Blattner, LLC for the best legal advice and representation. The attorneys at JM Blattner, LLC will take the time to listen to your concerns and tally up the value of all of your assets. Schedule a confidential consultation with them today.